Creating a Creative Resume for Employers and Clients





Hi everyone! I’m Naomi, a photography and designer. I’ve had the opportunity to develop several skills with different photography styles over the past three months. With this, I have become versed in flash, food, landscape, fashion, and portraiture photography. This past week, I created this creative resume to showcase some of my work.

This was a fun project to put design and put together. Here’s a website where I got some inspiration. I wanted it to be about the side of a business card when folded up, so that it could easily fit in a pocket or wallet. I decided to focus mainly on my photography and design skills, with a section included for my work experience. I mainly want this to be a teaser and lead people to look at my website, which I included on the Contact page.

There’s a quote that I heard when I began to explore photography, and I absolutely love it!

“Life isn’t what you are given, it’s what you create, what you conquer, and what you aim to achieve.”

This is mainly why I named my business Naomi Sweet Creations. I believe every piece of work is a work of art that I had to discover, capture, and create with knowledge of in-camera settings and post-editing. To create something is to take what you have and make it your own. This is why I want to do work for clients, so that they can have personalized images and design work that they can showcase.

With photography, my style is focused on light and capturing beauty in ordinary locations. I love finding new angles where something can be seen in a new light. Most of my time has been spent in portraiture with engagement, graduation, family, and maternity photoshoots. I’ve been scheduling paid photoshoots for the past 2 years and have worked with dozens of clients. Engagement photoshoots are some of my favorite sessions to photograph! Every time I have the opportunity to take pictures of a couple, I witness their love story come to life. You can see it in the way he looks at her and the way she leans into him. It’s a fun way to celebrate a momentous time in their life!

In the past 3 months, I’ve had an amazing opportunity of practicing new types of photography, such as food photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, and star photography. Being in a COMM 316 – Professional Imaging class has helped me develop skills in working with strict deadlines, expectations of clients, lighting equipment, and models.

Something that was particularly fun that I practiced in this class was combining my photography and design skills to create posters and advertisements. One of my favorite projects was recreating a movie poster from scratch using the Adobe Creative Suite and photography.

I’ve had experience in design work with creating event ads, logos, pricing sheets, websites, brochures, and wedding invitations. My favorite thing about design is incorporating details and organization in layouts. It’s really the small details and adjustments that make a difference!

Overall, through developing my skills and practicing photography and design, I have discovered that I have the capacity to learn and apply new information quickly and accurately. I love opportunities where I can learn new skills and apply them in my work. I believe that we should never stop learning and developing our style to incorporate new ideas. The photography and design world is constantly changing, and I look forward to the new things I can implement in my work.

I am convinced that I can be an asset in any position requiring enthusiasm, creativity, organization, hard work, and reliability. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, whether it be employment options, or client-based work.



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