Entering the Fashion World with a Male Fashion Photoshoot

Doing a male fashion photoshoot was something new to me! A male cannot pose the same way as a female. Their focus is more on strength and power, so the angle is usually shot from eye level or just below eye level.

Man Standing Straight On

Man Touching Arm

I loved the gray background and how it’s subtlety helps the viewer focus on the fashion itself.

Man Sitting

With this setting, the colored background complimented the black and white shirt. I used one flash on the right side and really focused on shadows. I decided to use the classic loop lighting, where the model’s left side of his face isn’t in complete shadow, but there’s a loop of light that goes around his chin.

Glasses Closeup

In fashion photography, models often show off props for sell. I decided to shoot some product photography during the photoshoot and capture the details in these glasses.

Check out this website to see other ideas for men photography.




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