Photographing The Lift Restaurant: Rustic Restaurant Architecture

Taking pictures at The Lift in Jackson Hole was such a cool experience. Their plating is exquisite and their menu is so delicious. While I was there, not only did I take pictures of their food, but of their restaurant as well. The environment is very unique and fits in well with the rustic style of Jackson Hole.

Rustic Restaurant Architecture

As you can see, the rustic restaurant architecture consists of a lot of wood and metal. I decided to shoot with a wide angle lens to capture as much of it as possible. In editing, I used more contrast and clarity to help capture the already bright colors on the window panes and side buildings.

Rustic Restaurant Architecture

The inside was incredible! It had an even more rustic feel with the wooden booths, antique items, and classic posters. I wanted to capture the ceiling decoration as well, especially the bicycle!

Rustic Restaurant Architecture

Just around the corner, there’s a nice deck with outdoor seating. I felt like I had walked onto the deck of an old cabin. This definitely added to the restaurant architecture as a whole and the rustic small-town feeling that Jackson Hole offers.

Feel free to look at this site to see more examples of rustic restaurant interiors.

Check out the tasty restaurant photography that I did in the restaurant below!

Main Dishes




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