The Venue Interior Details Add to the Photoshoot

Often times, the environment you shoot fashion photography in adds to the photoshoot. If you look at my other fashion photoshoots you can see some of the background elements. This location is called The Venue, located in Rigby, Idaho. It’s a great place to hold receptions, luncheons, and other classy events. I had the chance to capture several interior venue details that can be great accessories to any photoshoot.


Something that I immediately noticed was the details int he chandeliers in several rooms of the venue.

Black and White Chandelier

Large Chandelier

There were also several plants on side tables and window sills that added awesome detail to the space as a whole!


Potted Plant

Something as simple as the style of doorknob makes a difference!

Door Handles

There were several other interior venue details such as chairs, cloth, tables, and wall decoration. Next time you’re choosing a place to have a photoshoot, pay attention to the details in the room!



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