Elegance and Class: Wedding Fashion Photography

Wedding Fashion Photography is always beautiful, especially when focusing on the details found in the dress, tux, bouquet, accessories, etc. Because there are so many elements, one picture can be used to feature several accessories and products all at once.

For example, this image of the bride features the necklace, the dress, the bouquet, and her hairstyle/makeup.

Bride Looking at Bouquet

Adding the groom in, I wanted to focus more on fashion, especially the curve of the brides dress and the classic fit of the tux.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Groom Tux


Capturing the Details

Ring on Bouquet

This was one of my favorite parts of this Wedding Fashion Photoshoot. Capturing details within details is a tactic to enhance the product you want to sell. For example, this ring is accented by the bouquet that its surrounded by.

Bracelet Detail

This bracelet is accented by the classy setting that the bride is in.

Necklace Detail

Seeing the necklace on the bride helps the customer see what it could potentially look like. This is something that I learned, that wedding fashion photography includes capturing details to showcase different products!

Here is a link to see this wedding photographer’s work that inspired me.



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